🏔️ 3 Tips On Learning Go Programming Language

30/1/2022 2-minute read

Those tips could be generally used for any programming language, yet in this article I am providing the links to Go Documentations.

In the last couple of weeks I was trying to learn, the documentation itself is awesome yet knowing from where to start was a bit confusing for me! The reason is that I felt comfortable with programming and decided to take the docs and tutorials as they were, which of course let me skip the main part of LEARNING THE SYNTAX.

Here are the tips that I suggest learning to go with links from the documentations to follow and practice.

✔️ Learn the syntax:

Learning any language can start with syntax. Going to the go-tour itself is awesome for showing syntax, a few examples and even a way to practice. They have explained everything and mentioned a few blogs related to the language syntax. I highly suggest you read those blogs as well.

Go-Tour link

🛠️ Build a project from tutorials

The Go tutorials have well written and well explained articles, they do not explain the syntax there but it could be a great start if you want to do a REST API, go with a test or even write a project with a database.

Go Main Docs

🧰 Build a self-project

After practising from tutorials and reading the syntax you will have enough knowledge to surf the internet and write your own project and code, you can have an idea you want to start on it or even you can check some of the basic ideas to work on them. Here is a list of ideas for a project that you can work on.

This Repo has some elegant project ideas

Learning a new language could be tricky at the beginning if you are new to programming yet when you know what you want and where to start it will be much easier. I hope that this article will help you to learn to go and do the awesome project that you dream of.