Genuine Appreciation 🙏

15/1/2022 5-minute read


When I started the Hadith Tech 🐬🤩 show we were not setting any expectations but to have an evergreen Arabic online content that can help people in the future to find role models and even get to know different perspectives and fields! Which was the main goal that I worked on, but I was surprised after a couple of months of the results that Hadith Tech had achieved which was:

  • Top 10 in the technology Category in Apple Podcast in the MENA region!
  • Reached directly to more than 1700 unique viewers
  • More than 300 hours of watch/listen

Those results show such an awesome impact of humble work.

Because of all of that I wanted to genuinely appreciate and thank those who took place in the show and helped it to reach this awesome results, it’s hard to do this since people would think it’s a one man work or even success because of hard working, yet we forget the most important part: The speakers and the team! In this blog, I will try humbly to thank everyone who was a reason for the show to succeed.

My Mother: Usually mothers would be the one who are in the background, supporting their children and helping them with their lives. They do a lot of great work that we could never appreciate or pay back for, however we should try to thank them! Since, mothers are those who grow, teach and stay awake at night for their children, so here I am just humbly saying thank you mother for every single second you spent with us and your whole encouragement for this show.

My Family: Sister for the whole support they did for the show by criticising it, asking questions and warming things up when it’s needed during the stream.

The GitHub Education Team:

Juan Pa Flores: Thank you for the whole support you give to the GitHub Campus Expert community and believing in the people in this community, especially by supporting local communities and building autonomous communities that can shine on their own.

Elise hollowed: I really appreciate your time on supervising and advising me during the show where you were trying to get the best results and by organising the marketing workshops for the whole GitHub Education Stream Team.

Mathew Dyson: The unknown soldier who always participated in the shows, used translators to hype the audience and even shared the stats after each show!

Sara Cross: Thank you for writing the articles and blogs about the show and the whole GitHub Education Stream team. I enjoyed talking with you and listening to your experience and advice.

The Backstage supporters:

Necip Fazil Aksoy: He has given the full support for the show to success even by just small words that have a great impact.

Mustafa Hamamci Thank you for opening your whole studio unconditionally to support this kind of content.

Zeki Alhashmi: The Arabic Hattat Artist, the one who designed the logo for the show in a critique time for the show.

The Speakers:

Mahmoud Abd Rabbo: Thank you for your time and effort in supporting the program, and for your general advice about your experience at Sa3eedy Geeks.

Ehsan Al-Tinawy: For your time and advice from your perspective as an MIT graduate and software engineer at a startup.

Mohammed Al-Doub: For your talk about the field of information security and its culture in an appropriate and interesting way for young people and Arab society.

Hassan Al-Jabouli: For your deep talk about artificial intelligence algorithms and your research work at the university.

Basem Deghidi: For your speech about continuous integration and continuous delivery and giving a quick lecture in the field in a valuable practical way.

Osama Deeb: Thank you for talking about game developments and sharing your experience and awesome tips about this field.

Walid Ziyush: Thank you for talking about Arabic content, supporting it and giving us great insights from your experience.

Abdul Rahman Al-Idlibi: Thank you for accepting the talk in the episode a few days before its launch. I really appreciate for your understanding of the reality of the program and your magnificent talk about education, programming and children.

Fawzi Mesmar: Despite his preoccupation and his work in managing a team of more than 70 people, he participated.I really appreciate him for all the work and effort he is doing for the benefit of the technical and Arab field.

Aya Badir: Thank you for attending the episode, despite your preoccupation with the events of your country at that time.

Ahmed Ali: Thank you for sharing several experiences from your personal life and work experience. Thank you for your efforts and time you spend in sharing your knowledge with the society.

Taha Zerrougui: The University professor and contributor of Arabic open source content. Thank you for your outstanding work and for sharing your experience with the community.

Hossam Mohsana: Thank you for your time, attendance, and attempt to support the Arab and technical community as much as you can.

The Audience

And thank you to the incredible audience who enriched the episodes with their questions and attendance, as without them we would not be here.

These words, despite their simplicity, come from the heart and are considered as a simple kind of thanks that may not have fulfilled the speakers and contributors right through.

Besides these people, I must not forget the friends around me who cannot be mentioned in this post.