Karma and tech communities

17/8/2021 4-minute read

karma hits back ✌️

✨ Recently I have started a new show with GitHub education focused on the MENA region which has a goal of empowering Arabic speaking people by showing them tech role models in different fields, and widen their horizon to new unique technological areas.

💡 While working on the show, I had an interview to talk about my show with an awesome copywriter who works with GitHub Education. Which inspired me to write this blog.

🤩 The interview turned into a friendly conversation which felt like talking and catching up with an old friend who you know for a long time, telling you their stories about their life, the latest updates they have and a few pieces of advice and suggestions to move on with life.

Here is some of the main takeaways from the conversation:

🌍 There are place for everyone

Tech field is really gigantic which has great opportunities for people to get into it, even if they are not tech savvy. This could let people, who did not think that they could enter it, to have the possibility to do magic. There is always a place for you, never give up and just do what you like. It will turn around in the future with great opportunities.

🔄 Surround yourself with awesome people

When we think about tech jobs we usually think about the company or even what we are going to do during that time, yet that’s not everything. Having great people who care, support and even work for the community is as important as being in cutting-edge technological companies. With those kinds of people you can learn about yourself, your community, share ideas and even develop more in your life not just wise but even personally.

💎 Being genuine is a gem.

During your journey you will face people who could have more experience than you, shown as stronger or even have sharpened speaking skills. Do not underestimate yourself, values, and skill. Everyone has different strengths and that is okay. It’s important to be genuine and authentic, being genuine is not a skill you learn, but a skill you have and should be proud of.. Being genuine is a unique skill that not everyone has. Remember that everyone has different strengths and your skills will make you shine.

🥑 Imperfection is fine.

We all work hard to get the best place we want but we still have struggles and incomplete areas, that’s why imperfection is fine. As long as we work on it, learn from our falls and not get to it again. It would be totally tolerated especially if you were honest about it with yourself.

😊 Trust, believe and support.

“Sometimes it only takes one person to believe in you to change your life forever. Sometimes it only takes one person not believing in you to destroy it.”

― Alice Feeney, I Know Who You Are

This quote is way powerful to explain how people sometimes need just one person to acknowledge them and support them, one is enough to turn a person’s life over and let them do great things!

🚀 The opportunities are not equal, but keep going.

We all know that there are not equal opportunities in life and people may be in disadvantaged situations or even not get the best for them, yet keep going and work hard. There are still people who work hard and fight for you, for those who have not had the best opportunities, those who try to make the world a better place even in the shadows and work on creating a healthy atmosphere for you. Even if you did not get the best opportunity yet just work hard and it will pay off one day in the future, you may be the one who changes someone’s life, who knows?

🏘️ Diversity is important.

Diversity is important, that’s a reason to let you be important as well. Having a new person with their own culture, experience and ideas is such a great add on to any team or field you work in. you are unique by your own experience and ideas.

At the end it was such a thoughtful conversation that inspired me to write this blog! Had a few takeaways and lessons learnt, that are worth sharing with you.

Thank you Sara Cross for the amazing talk and lesson that I had with you.