You might know me because of my podcast Hadith Tech, I am a software engineer, research student and community builder. I am passionate about learning and communities and like to empower people from different regions and cultures to create inclusive creative atmosphere.

During my university life I established a local community to empower open source contributes in the university which snow balled to have couple of events and workshops in the region. I have hosted and spoke at few events in the MENA region to explain the value of open source and how to contribute to it, in countries like: KSA, Tunisia, Algerian and Turkey.

I am curious reader and knowledge consumer from books and online, in my free time you might find me exploring a forest or mountain around my city.

Right now, I am working as software beside being an open source contributor in term of contents and ideas in my region. Feel free to reach me out to talk about open source, least developed communities or even just have a chit chat about anything you want.

In the news: