Hadith Tech

Hadith tech is a fireside interviews podcast, hosts people from different backgrounds and fields. The podcast is being produced in two languages: Arabic and English.

Services and skills

Abdurrahman provides different services and skills for companies and individuals which you can have a glimpse on it here:

Software engineering

a software engineer with minimum guidance needed and large network of developers, I can help you to create your software and move to the next step with your company.

Web Development

I can provide you services related to UI/UX design, the back-end and frontend designs as well as the integrity of your program. we can work on developing tools from scratch of finding the best open source solution for you.


As someone with tech background and experience in social media nad public speaking, I will be able to create and give insights in this topic. Based from my own experience and the books and experts that I got the knowledge from them.


I host a podcast about technology and would be able to share my experience with you, my podcast is on top 5 in the MENA region.

Public speaking

I have been invited to speak in local events about technology and how to develop software, and talked at TV as well, I will be happy to talk at your conference or event.


I provide consultancy in the ares mentioned in this services, feel free to reach out if you need to discuss it.

Technical writing

I am technical writer with sense of community and love to help and share the ideas I have with others.

Leveling up

If you are an NGO and want to level up your work in tech with open source and by having an insights from software engineer, I can help you with that. I can share my thoughts, experience and few tricks to make your work more efficient over the time.